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My Disney Villa - FAQ


Do you have any affiliation to Disney?

No. Ours is a privately owned home that is just a very convenient place to stay when enjoying the Walt Disney World experience.

Are you close to 'My Disney Villa', in case we need some assistance?

No. We actually live in Scotland. 'My Disney Villa' is our own 'place in the sun'. So we have every interest in ensuring the home is kept in perfect condition. We use the services of a local management company, Florida Ideal. They are a family run business that manage properties in the area. They are only minutes away and have an excellent reputation.

How do we get access to the home?

Once we have received your final payment, we will then give you a unique access code to gain entry. You can go directly to the villa. Not only is this more convenient, but you are then not dependant on the key holders in your party. You can all come and go as you wish. It is also more secure - there are no worries about how many people may have had access to the keys in the past. Each code is unique and only works for the duration of your stay.